Prosound Consulting Has Provided Production for:

15-SatisfactionPromo-72 Satisfaction
LRB_Group Little River Band
Great White Great White
Head East Head East
ConfederateRailroad2012-72 Confederate Railroad
Cody Canada and The Departed Cody Canada & The Departed
Mickie James Mickie James
Patric Dodd Patric Dodd
mustangSally Mustand Sally
Lez_Zeppelin-JPEG2-2012-72 Lez Zeppelin
Stoney Stoney LaRue
Popa Chubby Popa Chubby
George Brothers George Brothers
NighTTrain NighTTrain
Hot Lix Hot Lix
lower40 Lower 40
ultraSuede_groupBW Ultra Suede
Steepwater The Steepwater Band
Creedence Creedence Again
untitled The Wranglers
kinseySadler Kinsey Sadler
Live Wire LiveWire
Adam Fears Adam Fears
Jed Clampit Jed Clampit
CashboX-sm Cash Box
Western Justice Western Justice
tomBryant4 Tom Bryant Band
Members_Only_Pic Members Only
Anthem_CaveSprings Backroad Anthem
Mountain Sprout Mountain Sprout
The Fabulous Hightops The Fabulous High Tops
JasonStrodeLogo Jason Strode Band