Good Sound: It Can Make or Break You

Sound for Bands
In todays world of Home Theater Surround Sound DVD concerts, patrons expect live music to sound as good as it does in their cars, earbud, and living rooms. To reach this standard of audio requires a specific skillset and a knowledge of accoustics that goes way past pushing a fader up and down on a board. Speaker and sub placement,mic placement, and system tuning are paramount in obtaining the best sound for you band.

You can learn more in the Band section of our website that is geared toward some of the specific challenges that many bands face.

Corporate Events
ProSound Consulting can provide Crystal clear audio for your corporate event whether its a speaker addressing a crowd or a high-impact multimedia presentaion. Many venues have small “speaker in ceiling” announcement systems, but these are generally inadequate if your needing someone to be heard clearly throughout the room. We can provide mics for multiple speakers (such as a head table), wireless audience mics for question and answer as well. If your looking to provide sound to multiple rooms, recording devices, video cameras or an internet broadcast, we can provide you with customized audio for each of these outputs to ensure that the audio is optimized for that specific media type is of the highest sonic quality.

DJs and Karaoke
If your a DJ and have just landed that first big wedding, Christmas party, or corporate event and are needing a little boost in volume, we can provide you with the additional sound required to rock even the largest rooms or outdoor venues. Many times these events require additional mics for toasts and MCs and we can supply those as well. If the event is being Video taped, we can provide a separate customized output specifically for the video to ensure that your audio is clean and clear. Be sure to visit the lighting section of our website under the services tab to see how our lighting can take your dance floor to the next level.