Sound System Tuning

Having a properly setup and tuned sound system is critically important. Feedback, not being able to hear the vocals or spoken word, and having to make drastic EQ boosts and cuts can all be signs of a system that is not working properly. In its simplest form, a great sounding sound system will sound like the vocal, accoustic guitar, or any other instrument that it is reproducing. It sounds simple, but in reality it is not, and when performed by an Auto EQ Function on the latest and greatest technology or an individual without extensive knowledge of audio acoustics, the results are often “less tuned” than when you started. I’ve seen this done by veteran soundmen multiple times proving that knowledge and the right tools, and not experience alone, is what will deliver results.

ProSound Consulting can come and evaluate your sound system, how it is configured and often times improve your listening experience with no additional equipment. So, if your ears are telling you that your not getting the most out of your system, great sound is just a phone call away.