A Quick Overview

Technical Specifications

40 Channel Digital SoundBoard
Each channel is equipped with 12+ bands of fully parametric EQ, Gate, Compressors, FX

Monitor Mixes
10 separate wedge mixes or 15 Stereo In Ear Mixes

Recording / Tracking
Band can be tracked up to 40 channels for mixing at a later date

Effects – Reverbs, Delays, Etc.
No Global effects are used. We run 2 vocal Reverbs + Vocal Delays + Snare Reverb + Tom Reverb + Instrument Reverbs + what ever else will give polished CD quality sound

Auto Tune
We offer this for Sher and T-Pain Fans

Front of House and Monitor Mixes and Separate
These are completely different systems so the musicians hear exactly what they want to hear in their monitors without having to sacrifice what the Audience hears

Our Front of House System is a scalable Line Array that I designed and manufacture. It produces crystal clear audio in even the most difficult spaces.

Stage Asthetics
We strive to always present a clean, organized, and visually appealing stage

Insurance – Important
We carry a $1,000,000.00 Commercial Liability Insurance Policy
Whether you use us or not, this should be a deal-breaker if your sound/company cannot produce a Certificate of Liablity Insurance. If someone trips on a cord or slips on stage 1. you will be sued and 2. you will be held liable 3. win or lose you will be financially burdened.


Jamie Anawaty
Sound & Lighting Engineer

Engineering Degree – University Of Arkansas

Audio Engineering Society
Ability to stay on the cutting edge of audio development

Invited by the University’s Electrical Engineering Department to teach a course in Engineering Acoustics

Ran sound/lighting for multiple National Touring acts
Head East, Great White, Little River Band, Confederate Railroad

Maintain a Professional Attitude and Appearance at all times