How To Hold A Mic

Many vocalists are aware of how important good mic technique is when performing songs with a wide dynamic range.  What some may not know is that improperly holding a mic despite changing the way it sounds, increases the chances of feedback….  Cardioid mics (like the SM58)

are popular for vocals because they have greater sensitivity to the front of the mic (your voice) than sounds coming from the rear of the mic (floor monitors).  It is this quality that allows the soundman to turn up the monitor to a volume where the singer can hear themselves without getting feedback.  When a singer holds the mic by the capsule or holds it in a way that covers the rear of the capsule, this changes the pic up pattern of the mic from cardioid (rear rejection) to omni directional (equal in all directions) making the mic just as sensitive to the rear as it is to the front.  Not only does this change the “sound” of the mic, but it can lead to severe problems with feedback which never sounds good.
Mic Picture